Medical Plus Hospitals Group was opened in 2019 as a hospital of the World’s Health Sector’s Pioneer, Medical Plus Group, with the motto of “Health for All” in order to meet the expectations of the society at the highest level without compromising the quality of medical ethical principles and has become the leading power in a short time.

in the field of health in Turkey Today, our Hospital aims to serve our citizens, who want to receive quality health services not only in Turkey but also in neighboring and sister countries all over the world, with service quality and standards.


Facts and Numbers:

Our hospital offers a full range of health services spreading across every region of Turkey with more than 580 beds, more than 28 intensive care units, more than 15 operating rooms, more than 175 doctors, 350 nurses, and more than 1,500 employees and has been accredited byJCI Joint Commission International), EBMT (European Bone Marrow Transplantation Joint), European Community for non-relative Bone Marrow Transplantations and member of US International Bone Marrow Transplantation Association, International Organ Transplantation Associations, International Cellular Therapy Association.

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Reference :

Pendik VM Medical Plus Hospitals Group is providing services as a reference center in all branches including organ transplants, bone marrow transplants, stem cell and tissue typing, genetic diagnostic center, brain surgery, oncology, IVF, cardiology, Cardiovascular Surgery, Orthopedics, Aesthetic Reconstructive Surgery, Dental Clinic, Ophthalmology, General Surgery and Hair Transplant Clinic. İn Turkey 35 % of Organ Transplants and 50 % of adult and pediatric bone marrow transplants are performed in our Organ Transplantation and Bone Marrow Centers. 

In 2012, providing care to more than 6 million people, has served 8 % of the population in Turkey, holding an 12.5 % share of private medical services in Turkey.


Representation Network Throughout the World:

Our hospital shares its experience and know-how through regional offices around the world. As a leading solutions partner in global health tourism, we continue to strive for perfection in what we do.

Every single member of the Medical Plus team works hard to make sure that our visiting patients not only receive the best healthcare available but also feel at home in our facilities. 

Our International Patients center provides our guests with the highest quality medical and non-medical services for their health and comfort.

 Our Marketing Division conducts Our hospital, International public relations activities while our Operations Division administers the International patients, efficient transfer to our facilities. We offer a complete service for our international patients from coming to Turkey till returning back to their countries by caring with every detail such as their transportation transfers, accommodation, guidance to treatment and medications.

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